A shift in narrative to change the issue of Planned Parenthood

What if we flipped the narrative? What if instead of projecting Planned Parenthood as a woman’s right to choose, we instead offered joint fault? I would hardly think that a woman actually wants to have an abortion. From what I can see, abortions happen due to issues beyond just wanting to have unprotected sex. Whether it is career goals, lack of a father figure or monetary reasons, abortion seems to be the last option, after contraceptives and Plan B.

man-863085_640So what if we went back and addressed the root of the issue? Unprotected sex. While I gather that there are some places where contraceptives fail, the reality is that most abortions happen because people are having unprotected sex.

As much as people want to make abortions a women’s rights issue, the reality is that unless you’re some super human it takes two to tango. Why do we not blame the guy? In the midst of the women’s rights movement the narrative shifted.

While I believe Planned Parenthood should be examined and punished for what it did (or did not) do, I would say that the real power lays in shifting the narrative away from one individual, to both parties involved.

While a woman should have a say in what happens, the man should be held responsible for his part. I realize the issues with paternity tests etc, so maybe the man isn’t held responsible until paternity can be discovered but the reality is that if the man had to take responsibility in the first place, he would think twice about having unprotected sex.

I’m not saying that it’s a perfect solve, I’ve admitted some of the issues above already. But, I think the path towards finding a solution comes in restoring responsibility to the man. While situations would still exist for people to advocate for abortions, I believe that if you started with making the man share responsibility (beyond the child support system) that something might change. It might not be a lot, but a shift in narrative will need to happen in order for anything to change.


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