The Wall

Tonight I hit a wall. Not literally but metaphorically.

In case you haven’t been around me recently I have been busy. Probably busier than I should have been. This week has started off pretty good on the busy side however. I have had enough of a break from work to be able to get things lined up to start another semester. Tonight I was able to get back together with friends that I literally have not seen in over a month. We sang worship songs and I literally dreamed that something like tonight is what heaven will be like. One can at least hope.

Then I came home tonight and hit a wall. It’s one of those progressive things right? It starts out small (my kitchen sink currently isn’t draining) and builds.

Something came up with work and I didn’t handle the situation in the best manner. I offended someone and if I’m honest with myself I only came across that way because I myself was offended. After doing my best to rectify the situation (as much as can be done this late at night) I resolved to do one final thing before bed.

Check Blackboard.

(The irony of turning to school work at a time like this)

Only to find that for some reason I no longer had access to the class I already have assignments in.

I walked smack dab into a wall.

It’s like getting kicked while I was already down. Honestly I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up to face tomorrow. I realized that this wasn’t the best perspective to take upon going to bed tonight so I resolved to at least write about it. Not to look for sympathy but instead to focus on what to do when you run into a wall. How to scale that wall and move forward.

Kitchen Sink: I have one of two options: 1. Fix it myself (I don’t really have time but it would be a great learning experience) 2. Submit a work order. Honestly this is a small issue. I’ve been lamenting on this all night (since dinner when I realized the issue) and I have realized there are so many things in this instance to be thankful for that I really have no reason for this to be a downer in my life.

Issue at Work: Own up and move forward. I’ve made my mistake, it’s time to move forward. We spend so much time in our world today talking about what should have been. We need to instead focus on who we can be. In learning from our mistakes we can make better people who in turn create a better world.

Blackboard: I have emailed the professor and I will talk with ITTC tomorrow. I’m still enrolled in both my classes so hopefully it’s just a Blackboard issue and I can access my homework tomorrow. This is a great opportunity for me to get to know the professor that much more and use it as a way to present myself (hopefully) in a positive manner.

In all reality I will wake up in the morning and none of these things will have magically fixed themselves. This idea of running from our problems is not feasible. We must own up to our downfalls, approach others for assistance and in the process scale the wall. Once we overcome these things not only have we moved to a place with no obstructions but we now know how to better scale walls in the future.


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