I survived with water as my only beverage for 40 Days

Here we are, it is finished. I made it 40 days. I didn’t cave and I truly came to cherish drinking only water. That being said, I’m ready to drink some sweet tea. I wanted to highlight some of the key points that happened during the past 40 days specifically related to the whole reason why I did this, to raise awareness.

Day 10: Day 10 I played a disc golf tournament in the middle of nowhere. Some of the people I met at the tournament noticed the 40 Days of Water promo material on my Facebook. Through this I was able to explain in depth the mission of Blood:Water and why I was drinking only water.

Day 12: On day 12 we welcomed a new brother to my family. Through this I was able to see how important it is that we reach out to those in need. Had we not adopted my little brother and invested in him for almost the past 2 years no telling what would have happened to him. That being said if we are capable and not willing to assist where we can in the current water crisis what will happen? This is why I’m proud to have stuck it out all 40 Days and to be contributing to such a great cause.

Day 16: I won an iPad mini, how crazy is that? This awakened me to the fact that in places where Blood:Water is reaching people are not afforded the opportunities we have. However, clean water is a step in that direction.

Day 30: I was ten days away from the finish and I had my first experience with unclean tap water. I figured why not? It can’t be too bad, however the gritty taste got to me quickly. Within two hours all of the problems with the water system had cleared out and it was back to clean water. This awakened me though to how much we truly miss in the luxury of clean water.

The Final Day of Rest: As stated above I play disc golf. On Sundays we play flip doubles where depending on how the disc flips depends on who your partner is. My partner had read the blog post from the night before. He misunderstood and thought I hadn’t eaten anything in the past 33 days. I was able to explain to him that it was simply beverage related and hopefully he left with a better understanding of why I was doing what I have done for the past 40 Days.

When it was all said and done this is the word of mouth/perspective shifts I had during the past 40 Days. The most important thing though is how many drinks I gave up and how much money I will be donating to Blood:Water Mission. In the end I gave up 56 drinks for a total dollar amount of $80.


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