Day 11: A New Week

It’s a new week. Yesterday I did drink one Pepsi (much to my regret) but we are off break now and back to drinking solely water. Which isn’t a bad thing. There are several benefits to drinking water always. It’s so much healthier for us. With the new week comes new possibilities. This includes the opportunities to share about what we are doing. This week we are training a new girl at work. I will also officially be a big brother as of Wednesday morning. It is a great time of new things. It is key to always have a plan with new things and this includes drinking water. One of the great tips to take is to know where accessible water is. It’s amazing that we can go from accessible water to the next without even a break between. We need to realize this priviledge and be thankful as such. I was thinking about all of this as I did laundry last night. The fact that the water cleaning my clothes is better than water that most people have running through their faucet. How much of a blessing is that? We let so much of this just pass us by in life. However, it’s a new week, a chance to start new, so do something different!


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