Days 6: What about President’s?

It’s interesting the types of holidays which fall during Lent. Yesterday was our second. I felt bad yesterday because I was attempting (though not directly planning) on eating healthy during these 40 days. I ended up splitting this giant dessert at lunch and today we are celebrating a coworkers birthday at work. So much for eating healthy. I was one of those people who had to work yesterday. I don’t view this as a bad thing, though the day off would have been nice. I find it interesting though that we have a day focused on our founding fathers (centered around some of their birthdays nonetheless). One of the reasons that I enjoy Blood:Water Mission and the other water giving organizations is because their concept is simple. Water gives life. That’s it. Water is what sustains us. In this interest I take with President’s Day is that we are finally in a place where people are powerful enough (Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc) could actually complete the mission of so many clean water organizations. Why are we still giving monetary aid to countries when we could be giving them water? It’s the teach a man to fish principal all over again. If we would simply take the time to provide the world with clean water we could change the outlook of so many lives. For the better. That in itself is what these 40 days are for. It’s more than simply raising money for an organization. It’s about coming to the awareness that we could end this once and for all. This is an obtainable goal. Why haven’t we obtained it yet?


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