Days 3, 4 & 5: Extended period of thought

I’ve been thinking. Enough that I haven’t posted in 3 days. Originally (as late as this morning) I was actually considering going the entire 40 days, water only. However I ended up taking a break today. I may not do this every Sunday, but today seemed worth it. I came to a realization after Thursday’s conversation. I realized that even though I was doing this for a purpose (to raise awareness of the need for clean water in Africa) I was also doing it for selfish reasons. I realized that deep down inside I just wanted to do this because I knew that I could. You see the past two years (as I stated in the beginning) I attempted this and did not complete it. But this year is different. I drink water nearly everyday. The weekends are the only time I don’t. So this is easy for me. Which when you think about it, defeats the purpose of the entire concept of Lent. Sure it’s a great conversation piece, I know I’m helping Blood:Water Mission in the long run, but for me as an individual I had completely wrong motives. I would have done better to give up transportation for 40 days, living in my RV, or taking a shower. Something which actually taxes me. Instead I’m doing something easy, something I know I can do. This isn’t the purpose of Lent. The purpose is to actually give up something that matters to me. Which brings about a deeper thought. Something related to our spiritual life.

40 Days of Water

The entire purpose of a believe system isn’t to make ones life comfortable. It’s to make ones life better (in Christianity this is a side effect of the real purpose which is to glorify Christ). Instead we look at our belief systems as something which we do when it’s easy. When it makes life complicated or asks us to go deeper we avoid it. We run. We don’t want it. If Blood:Water Mission asked me to give up showering for 40 days I would have said no way. It would not only make me uncomfortable but the ones around me as well. This is what we say to our belief system, particularly Christianity. We say “oh that’s cool on Sunday’s, but I don’t want to live that during the rest of the week” why? “because it will make me look weird”. That’s the whole point of this! It’s to make us be different. To stand out! Not in a bad way, but a good way. So many times we settle though for what makes us happy. For what makes us comfortable. I want to challenge you, and to remind me to be different. That’s the whole point of Lent. Is to break a negative routine. Let’s break ours. Let’s move to a point of taking the Scripture of being in the world and not of the world to heart and actually live it. To showpeople that what we believe actually matters to us 24/7 and not just when we are in a “safe place”.

All this being said, I’m going to complete the 40 days challenge. I’m about to add up how much I’m donating this week (even though I drink water everyday, I will count lunch everyday and a few dinners). Who knows maybe next week I won’t even take a break and go 14 full days of water only. For tonight though, I will enjoy my sweet tea and ponder how I can live my life set apart from the world.



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