Day 2: Valentine’s Day

Today didn’t carry much in the way of romantic significance for me. It especially had absolutely no relation to how the 40 days of water progressed. However one thing I do every Thursday is provide a meal at the local Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM). I am the campus minister there. Today the only students who participated were Catholic (ironic right?). However, this allowed for us to have a conversation about Lent. One of the students was close to drinking only water (but not quite) she had given up Sweet Tea. (Can anyone tell we live in the south?) The other student had given up eating chips. We talked about our reasons, specifically the religious symbolism behind Lent. I explained to them that if this (40 Days of Water) didn’t carry a greater meaning behind it, I would not have taken part in it. However it does, for which I am grateful. I believe it is important to realize that in this process we are giving up, to give to people in need. This is the key to the entire process. When we see the true value (and sacrifice) of this, then we will begin to value this process completely. 


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