For the next 40 days….

People give up many things for Lent. I’ve never been much for hopping on the bandwagon though for the past two years I have attempted (and not completed) the following challenge. This year I will complete it. Why will I complete it? One word: accountability. I have agreed to blog about my life, drinking only water, for the next 40 days. I am doing this for Bloodwater Mission. Click the hyper text to learn more. They have provided me with some wonderful gear to help the process go easier, it’s waiting for me to pick it up, I’ll definitely post pics when I have them. 

Aside from the accountability aspect of blogging about the experience, there is another aspect which I think will make the process easier. Since this summer I have made a conscious effort to drink water. The only time I don’t is events and of course when I order the dreaded fast food combo meal. 

This will be a great experience though and I look forward to you guys following along with it.


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