Avoiding Typer’s Block: Planning Ahead (Part 3-Quality Posts & E-books)

Quality Posts

Having this consistency leads to an increase in quality also. The great thing about having a topic planned ahead is that quality comes from this planning as well. People are more likely to have a more well-thought-out post when they know what they are going to be typing about. When a blogger does not have an idea and simply posts an article right before deadline the article is more likely to be lacking in quality. A consistent quality in blog posts will have readers coming back for more.


This is a small side note but still a great benefit of planning ahead. This allows a blogger to put together an e-book at the end of a series. Having an e-book is a great tool for businesses to share with their community or for future clients to see the topics that your company is knowledgeable about.

These are three simple benefits which come from planning ahead. We know that planning ahead can solve a host of issues. Planning ahead can solve for typer’s block and help companies have a better offering to their reading audience. Are there any more benefits to planning ahead which you would like to add to the list? Place them in the comments below.


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