PR Principles for Small Business: Know Thy Audience Part 3


This isn’t something which is traded on Wall Street. We are talking stock in relation to trust. When a company’s audience feel they have that syndication we mentioned above, they begin to take stock in the company. This trust is what builds brand loyalty which goes beyond sales. Stock takes a company and provides supporters which will stay through thick and thin. When a company has any issues, knowing their audience has stock in them stands above any of the rest of the points mentioned above.

The Break Down

This may not seem like public relations subject matter as much as it seems more like an in-depth marketing strategy. Having an understanding of a company’s audience works both ways. The similarities between public relations and marketing are many. We gave this article this title because before a company should even begin reaching out to consumers they should understand their audience. When a company goes to understand their audience they look to the public relations specialists.

Obviously these are just the beginning of the benefits which can come from knowing a company’s audience. What are some that you have in mind? Leave them in the comments below.



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