The Pro’s and Con’s of Facebook’s IPO Filing [Part 4]

3. Control

Zuckerberg has stated that he will maintain full control of the company. This could be a discouragement to investors who are accustomed to having a say in how their investments work. Overall as long as Mark continues to keep the company relevant to the online community there should not be any issues (until he has to relinquish control).

What does this mean for Internet marketers?

Currently on the books there are no significant changes for us. However, Facebook is saying that they will begin to sell user information at a higher price than before. This could lead to a public outcry, however over a free online service there isn’t much that people can do against it. We will have more insight into the companies workings with their quarterly reports, how we use them will be up to us. What are your thoughts on the IPO?


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