PR Principles for Small Businesses: Truth in Crisis

3. Communicate the truth

A no-nonsense statement right? At times it can be tougher than it seems. When a crisis arises we want to promise that everything is going to be alright. However, we can’t over promise, we must always state the truth of the situation. Then we communicate what we can do to overcome the crisis. Anything more than that can cause long term problems. Recently a major corporation came under fire during a sponsored Twitter hashtag. Instead of working to communicate the truth immediately in that situation they simply pulled the hashtag and ended the conversation. Hopefully they will respond to the questions raised from during their hashtag instead of being silent.

In the end every crisis is different.  What we must realize that these three steps are key in crisis communication. Ultimately it is up to the company to determine how to handle the crisis. We hope that these three points can help a company in any crisis situation.  If your company has any problems feel free to enlist our services.



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