Reflection on Chapters 11-14 of “Putting the PR back in Public Relations”

Chapter 11

The interesting thing about chapter 11 is that I have blogged about most of these topics before.  Now whether or not that was before I started posting things to this blog is beside the point.  However, we all should realize at this point that we need to stop and listen to consumers before delving into social media.  Even once we have made that dive, we should still spend most of our time listening to them.

We also should know at this point that from a business perspective we need to simply be focusing on where our target audience is.  Unless we are looking to expand our reach, we need to be willing to take our company to the people, instead of waiting for people to come to the company.  A good demographic awareness will be key.

Chapter 12

Yet another topic that I blog about often.  As businesses we should want to be online.  We should be seeking to build relationships with customers through social media.  Companies need to realize at this point that social media isn’t just another marketing tool.  Social media is about how relationships with consumers can be contained and built.  If social media is leveraged correctly it can give a business the cutting edge over their competition.  The key is taking the time to figure out how people actually respond to different social media platforms and knowing as a client, where they need to begin to implement the plan.

Chapter 13

We need to be prepared for Micromedia.  Honestly I don’t see the reason to specify different types of media.  Though they are different, they all have the same general purpose.  The concept of micromedia and where it occurs is relatively new.  If we embrace it though as individuals and companies then we can see progression increase.  The goal for every company is to have their website structured towards mobile applications.  This way the company is promotable across even more avenues.

Chapter 14

The book brings up some very interesting points about marketing.  I blog very often (even this week) about how marketing and public relations are related.  So we know from this chapter that we are encouraged more to socialize than anything else in social media.  If we make the person feel accepted into the online community, then we have succeeded in our purpose of being online.  It really is a lot of fun to read and write about things you have already written on and implemented online.


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