Chapters 6,7, & 8 from, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations

In Chapter 6 it talks about using new language and no longer using the overused key words like audience, target, pitch, message, ect.  As a group we have stepped away from traditional PR in how we are working with Keith’s music.  We are doing things based off of what him and his customers want.  Before we even started working with Keith’s social media platform, there was no “pitching” of a plan.  I simply went in and had a conversation with him, one business man to the other.  This is what Chapter six talks about.  We aren’t supposed to be “pitching” we aren’t supposed to be force feeding mass messages to our target audience.  We are supposed to be building relationships based off of what they want.  Due to the short time we have with Keith, we didn’t have time to do any full market research for his business.  So we created things that he saw customers wanting.  This seems to be working great so far.

In Chapter 7 the book speaks on blogger relations.  Due to the local factor of Keith’s music, our own blogs and “micro blogs” seem to be the most effective tools to work with at the moment.  As our time with Keith progresses we may come across people more tied to the local music scene.  Upon finding these people we will build a rapport in hopes of having them assist in growing customers as well.  Currently though, we know that working with blogs are key.  However, Keith does not want to over spread his online reach.  Currently he does not want us building a blog, or anything on a large scale.  What we are interested in though is spreading Keith’s name.  If this can done via other people’s blogs then Keith and our crew would be happy to see it.

In Chapter 8 we learn about social media releases.  We have not had a need to use these with Keith, seeing as he isn’t interested in really expanding his online reach.  What we have done though is make sure that there is a clear communication between when our team posts and when Keith is posting.  At times this comes as a release, however short it may be, informing people of new items or discounts.  Should we need to use a SMR, our group is fully equipped to write one though, and know the difference between that and a traditional news release.


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