Working for the Weekend

Currently I am a student, enrolled in 18 hours of classes.  I also work as a student pastor in Morrilton (30min away from school) and hold a volunteer position as a college minister. On the side I work as a social media manager and partake in the debate team.  This has created an interesting mindset for me.

I’m constantly working for the weekend, or so I think.  I’m beginning to wonder if I’m working towards Wednesdays and Thursdays (or if that’s where I need to be working towards) because this is where I spend all day in classes/working without any breaks to complete things.

The key in all of this is Time  Management.  This weekend I am able to “be lazy” as I’m calling it, because I have managed my time wisely and thus have the freedom from work and classes to do that.  Time Management helped me work for the weekend, so I’m not working on the weekend.


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