Computer Problems

So everyone has computer problems, or at least I’d assume they do. I know I do. How do we handle that though? At this point in time I have gotten to the point to where if I can’t fix it myself, I want to just go buy a new computer. Is this the right way to go? What about all of the things that are saved to the computer? Do you have things backed up? After losing my entire music library in junior high, I have kept my music library saved to an external hard drive in order to avoid this problem. All the rest of the questions aside, what do you do when you have computer problems?


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  1. Hi Seth, new here. After losing 5 years of email from a virus last year, I now back up to a second hard drive. Since I have both business and personal files and thousands of photos on my computer I’d be devastated to lose any of it. After my animals, the computer would be what I would grab in an emergency evacuation!

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