Why have a blog theme?

One thing I find interesting about the classes I am in currently that are the cause of this blog, is that people want to know if they have to have a theme for their blog. They question, as if narrowing their post options is something that would do them harm. If a person looks at the larger picture though, they’ll see the benefits of having a theme for a blog.

1. If a person blogs about the same subject repetitively, the tags build SEO for the site, which causes it to be more visible on the subject of the post. This leads to more traffic, which in turn builds a following.

2. Carrying a theme shows organization. Knowing that I am going to blog about social media, or potentially religious thoughts, helps me stay organized, and planned for the future.

3. It helps prepare a person for the future. If at some time in the future a person is asked to blog, they aren’t going to be asked to blog about whatever. They will be asked to blog about a subject. Thus already having the experience of blogging about the same subject for five days a week for an entire semester is going to look great as a potential hire.


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